Hey, Iā€™m Aftab Alam(aalam). I'm a UI Architect/Lead currently working at Publicis Sapient as a Senior Technologist.

Hey there! šŸ‘‹ my name is Aftab Alam. I am a Software Developer(UI Architect), with over a decade of experience, currently leading a team at Publicis Sapient, living and working in New Delhi, India. I'm specialized in Typescript/Javascript and Javascript Frameworks: Angular, React, Vue, etc. I I love ideating, architecting and engineering cutting-edge digital solutions/experiences with best-of-breed tools/technologies, predominantly in Javascript.

My approach to software engineering and architecture is pragmatic and developer-supportive, balancing both team needs and product requirements. I find helping/enabling others, mentoring and pair-programming rewarding, and I excel at planning and developing solutions for longer-term time scales. I strive and push hard to create and contribute to meaningful products, and mindful experiences with great UX and to be useful in multiple aspects holistically. I find a lot of satisfaction in creating things from scratch and seeing them grow.

After a decade of mostly contributing through my engineering/architecting abilities/expertise - I'm here to explore the technical author side of mine and document/share almost everything that catches my interest in tech, predominantly "Web". I have a diverse set of technological interests(on both ends of the wire) and love trying out and finding worth, value, space and use for whatever I learn in whatever I do.

As this grows, I hope to make this webspace a living log of stuff, I try to dabble in, stumble upon, fell in love with and often end up learning for life.

Other hobbies

Life couldn't be all about working or learning and like everyone else, I've my hobbies that add the fuel and necessary re-charge to keep me motivated. Few of the things that I enjoy doing outside work are cooking, watching TV, and playing with my 2 yr old daughter.

Tools I work with

(Languages & Tools) I love the JavaScript ecosystem and spend most of my days working with these lovely languages and tools.

Javascript/Typescript (ES2015/ES6+) - React - Angular - Vue - NodeJS/Express - HTML5 & CSS3 - REST and GraphQL - PWAs/Offline - Web Performance - Web Accessibility and exploring React Native - Flutter - AWS - Serverless - Docker/Kubernetes

Convention/Practices - Clean Code - Functional - Reactive - MVC - OOPs

Design Tools - Zeplin - Balsamiq - UX patterns


Linkedin: one-aalam Twitter: @aftabbuddy GitHub: one-aalam