About him

Well hey there! 👋 I’m Aftab Alam and I’m an expert in Javascript and Javascript Frameworks: React, Vue, Angular, etc. with over a decade of experience as a Software Engineer. I currently work as a UI Architect + Lead for Publicis Sapient, and based out of New Delhi, India. I love ideating, architecting and engineering cutting-edge digital solutions/experiences with best-of-breed tools/technologies, predominantly in Javascript.

My approach to software engineering and architecture is pragmatic and developer-supportive, balancing both team needs and product requirements. I find helping/enabling others, mentoring and pair-programming rewarding, and I excel at planning and developing solutions for longer-term time scales. I strive and push hard to create and contribute to meaningful products, cool open-source projects and mindful experiences with great UX and to be useful in multiple aspects holistically.

After a decade of mostly contributing through my engineering/architecting abilities and expertise - I’m here to explore the technical writer side of me and document almost everything that catches my interest in Technologies, predominantly “Web”. I have a diverse set of technological interests on both ends of the wire and love trying out and finding worth, value, space and use for whatever I learn in whatever I do. As this grows, I hope to make this webspace a living log of stuff, I try to dabble in, stumble upon, fell in love with and often end up learning for life.


Tools of Trade - Javascript/Typescript (ES2015/ES6+) - React - Angular - Vue - NodeJS/Express - HTML5 & CSS3 - REST and GraphQL - PWAs/Offline - Web Performance - Web Accessibility and exploring React Native - Flutter - AWS - Serverless - Docker/Kubernetes

Convention/Practices - Clean Code - Functional - Reactive - MVC - OOPs

Design Tools - Zeplin - Balsamiq - UX patterns

Elsewhere on the Web!

Linkedin: one-aalam Twitter: @aftabbuddy GitHub: one-aalam